Battery Service

Battery Service

How to Know When My Battery Needs to be Replaced?

Batteries have a shelf life much like any other component. Most can survive up to five years, depending on usage and environmental circumstances. Your engine may make a slow cranking noise when you try to start it, the check engine or battery light may come on, or you may smell a weird rotten egg odor. If you need any help, Brandon Tomes Subaru is here to help!

Battery Service Brandon Tomes Subaru
Brandon Tomes Subaru Battery Service
Battery Repair and Replacement

Why Choose Brandon Tomes Subaru for Battery Replacement?

With so many cars on the road today, it has never been more important to ensure your technician is familiar with your specific vehicle's battery needs. At Brandon Tomes Subaru, we make sure our technicians stay up to date on battery knowledge and all other services to give you the best experience possible.

How Can You Help Prevent Future Battery Problems?

Routine preventative measures can help your battery last in your Subaru for as long as possible. If you’re wondering why Subaru service at our dealership, one of the many things we can help you with is routine battery maintenance. Our technicians will service your Subaru battery and then tell you an approximate date to come back and have it looked at again. Plus, we have rotating car service specials that you can check out before scheduling your appointment for the chance to save some money! Last but not least, by simply driving mindfully, you can help prevent any future problems for your battery. Always be sure to switch off any lights, unplug any chargers, and close all doors completely.


What Are Some Potential Battery Issues?

There is a likely chance that you will need to schedule a service appointment if your car is struggling to start, the headlights are dim, or electrical parts aren't working properly. If you can, check for a white powdery build-up around your battery terminals. If there is some, it can be removed by mixing baking soda and water together and using a non-metallic brush to clean it off. However, our technicians are more than willing to get the job done fast and efficiently to hopefully avoid a complete battery replacement.

Does Costco Sell Car Batteries?

If you can’t order your battery from us for whatever reason, Costco is a great place to buy a car battery! Their car batteries are among the many things you can purchase at a discounted price because Costco always seeks to find the best value for their customers, just like us! Keep in mind that if you aren’t well skilled under the hood, our service center is on standby and ready to help you with your Subaru battery! And if you’re needing minor maintenance, don’t forget to check out our express service for things like a tire rotation, oil change, brakes and other maintenance.

Where are Car Batteries Near Mckinney, TX?

When was the last time you examined the battery in your car? No matter how old or damaged your Subaru is, it's always a good idea to check the condition before considering a battery replacement. However, your car will run at its optimum if you replace the battery every two to three years. By doing this you can even avoid future failures and other pricey repairs! Be sure to check out our parts and accessories online if you’re looking for a battery or give us a call and we can point you in the right direction! As part of our Tomes Promise, we want to do everything we can to make you a part of our Tomes Auto Group family for life! This is why we make sure our technicians are highly trained and stay up to date on battery maintenance so we can help you as much as we possibly can. Whether you’re new or have heard of us before, we’ve got you covered!

What are Signs of a Battery Replacement being Needed?

Your Subaru will sometimes tell you when it needs help. For instance, some signs your battery needs to be brought into our service center may include: Corrosion around the car battery The battery case is bloated Ignition clicks but the car won’t start The “Check Battery” light is on The smell of rotten eggs The engine starts but turns over very slowly Power accessories have issues When it comes to your car's battery, always make sure you keep up with routine maintenance. Like many other parts of a Subaru, it needs TLC in order to function as it should. Give us a call if you would like to schedule a service appointment online so you can get back on the road as soon as possible!

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