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Embrace innovation as Subaru invites you to a reimagined motoring landscape with its lineup of cutting-edge electric vehicles. The game-changing 2023 Subaru Solterra EV SUV leads the charge, symbolizing not just freedom – the liberty to explore unencumbered by fossil fuel’s environmental footprint – but also the pledge to groundbreaking advancement. Discover how Subaru’s EV selection seamlessly blends the latest electric vehicle technology with the resilience and all-wheel drive proficiency the brand is known for.

Why Choose Subaru Electric Vehicles

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Believe in the very core of Subaru vehicles – the unshakeable all-wheel drive functionality, superior safety mechanisms, and lasting durability. These traits merge harmoniously with the innovative e-Subaru Global Platform, steering Subaru resolutely into the electric vehicle sphere.

Subaru Solterra

Experience the first fully electric vehicle from Subaru, showcasing the attributes that make Subaru’s SUVs outshine the rest: unmatched off-road prowess, reliable all-wheel drive, and an expansive interior. The Solterra embodies these features, providing motorists the chance to discover well-tread and new paths in a sustainable and zero-emissions electric vehicle.

Additional Solterra Highlights

  • Stardrive® All-Electric Drivetrain with 72.8 Kwh Battery Capacity
  • 8.3 Inches of Ground Clearance
  • Standard EyeSight® Driver Assist Technologies
  • X-MODE® with Downhill Assist Control


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Charging Your Subaru EV

The shift to electric power has never been smoother, thanks to convenient home charging solutions and our wide-ranging network. Our goal is to empower you with a greener way to embark on new adventures. Home charging solutions have now become prevalent, cost-effective, and customizable to your specific needs.


But the journey doesn’t end with home charging. Wherever you’re headed, short local drives or long-distance travels, you can relax knowing:

  • Our partnership with EVgo provides access to over 46,000 public charging stations, inclusive of high-speed Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) facilities capable of boosting up to 80% of your battery capacity in roughly an hour.
  • You can maximize Solterra’s impressive MPGe of up to 94 miles on the highway and 114 within city limits.

Servicing Your Subaru EV

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Subaru EVs surpass traditional combustion engine vehicles with superior efficiency and easier maintenance routine. The absence of oil-based lubricants for engine components eliminates oil change requirements. Still, be mindful that owning a Subaru EV does require regular services like tire and brake maintenance due to usual wear and tear.

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Subaru passionately welcomes seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the space of clean, electric mobility. Dive into our array of electric vehicles, and discover the groundbreaking technology and environment-friendly features that underline Subaru’s dedication to a cleaner, greener future. Begin your journey into the realm of electric mobility with us, today.