Meet the Brandon Tomes Subaru Team

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    Dealer Principal

    Brandon Tomes has worked in the car business his entire life.  He started work at Bob Tomes Ford when he was 15 and worked in various departments  until he graduated McKinney High School in 2003.  He went on to get his BBA in Business Management from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.  He rejoined the Tomes Auto Group in 2007 after a brief stint at London, England's Le Cordon Bleu.  In November 2009 he opened Brandon Tomes Subaru and moved it to its current location in May 2012.  When he's not selling cars he enjoys travel, golf, and SMU football.

  • W.E. Fowler
    General Manager

    W.E. has been in the Automobile business for 40 years.  He joined the Tomes Auto Group 15 years ago.

  • Archie

    Archie is a Subaru Sales Super Star! Ask for him and he'll put his paws to work in making sure you get a great deal!

  • Zack Alia
    Sales Director

    Diverse, adaptable, passionate, self-motivated are just a few terms to describe Zack Alia.

    Zack, the son of a successful entrepreneur, developed a passion for business at an early age. Living abroad in multiple countries taught him diversity, adaptability and acceptance.

    Zack graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor's degree in marketing and advertisement. He discovered his passion in automotive industry and expanded his sales  knowledge in Ford, Porsche and Subaru.

    He is a dedicated father of two wonderful children. His children's well being, education and future are his number one priority. His passion for life manifests onto his profession and with that he goes above and beyond to provide the best car-buying experience and constantly achieve the improbable. 

    There are no challenges too intricate for Zack Alia, as his motto is "consider it done."

    Years in the industry: 20 
    Years at Brandon Tomes Subaru: 9
    Favorite movie: Actions and drama 
    Favorite food: Middle East food 
    Favorite sports team: Soccer
    Hobbies and interests: Swimming, reading 

  • Kelsey Grammer
    Internet Sales Manager

  • Mike Wilson
    Business Manager

  • Patrick Varrassi
    Business Manager

    Patrick is Brandon Tomes Subaru's longest tenured Subaru specialist and a four-year Subaru Summit Peak Performer. 

    When he's not at the dealership, Patrick enjoys attending auto meets and shows and taking his Subaru to track events. 

    Years in the industry: 7 
    Years at Brandon Tomes Subaru: 7
    Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption
    Favorite food: Spaghetti and Steak 
    Favorite sports team: Dallas Cowboys
    Hobbies and interests: Computer gaming, Racing my STI, Spending time with family     

    Come say hi to Patrick today! 

  • Curtis Moore
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Years in the industry: 8 months 
    Years at Brandon Tomes Subaru: 4 months 
    Favorite movie: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
    Favorite food: Korean 
    Favorite sports team: Pittsburgh Penguins 
    Hobbies and interests: Cars, Motorcycles, Golf, Hockey, Scuba Diving 

  • Dana Hews
    Certified Sales Consultant

     Dana Hews brings a bit of the north to our southern Subaru dealership. Dana was born in Boston and moved to Maine when he was seven. He and his wife have two children and three grandchildren.


    Dana served more than seven years in the U.S. Army, obtained an MBA degree, and worked for a large corporation in various leadership positions for 32 years prior to joining Brandon Tomes Subaru.


    Years in the industry: 6.2 

    Years at Brandon Tomes Subaru: 6.2

    Favorite food: Beef noodles

    Favorite sports team: Red Sox / Patriots / Celtics / Bruins

    Hobbies and interests: Stocks / Travel 


    Come say Hi to Dana today! 

  • Nico Reese
    Sales Person

  • Roger Venegas
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Years in the industry: 25 years 

    Years at Brandon Tomes Subaru: 5 
    Favorite movie: Die Hard 
    Favorite food: Sea Food 
    Favorite sports team: Dallas Cowboys
    Hobbies and interests: Fishing and Mission work 

  • Joe Rigali
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Years in the industry: 4
    Years at Brandon Tomes Subaru: 4
    Favorite movie: Tombstone
    Favorite food: Mexican
    Favorite sports team: Cowboys 
    Hobbies and interests: Subarus

  • Kyle Shiraishi
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Years in the industry: 4.5

    Years at Brandon Tomes Subaru: 4
    Favorite movie: Shooter
    Favorite food: Teriyaki 
    Favorite sports team: Rangers
    Hobbies and interests: Photography 

  • Justin Bunker
    Sales Person

  • Pat Elwood
    Sales person

  • Ozzy

  • Sam

  • Edmond Elder
    Service Director

    Years in the industry: 14 
    Years at Brandon Tomes Subaru: 1
    Favorite movie: Back to the Future 
    Favorite food: Pizza
    Favorite sports team: Rangers 
    Hobbies and interests: Old Cars 

  • Russell Lilly
    Service Adviser

    Russell Lilly is one of Brandon Tomes Subaru's awesome service advisers. 

    After graduating from University of Oklahoma in 1979 and starting out in the marine industry, Russell moved to the auto world in 1989. He's been a service consultant for about 29 years, 4 and a half of that here at Brandon Tomes Subaru! 

    When he's not hard at work in Brandon Tomes Subaru's service department, Russell says he enjoys reading, collecting comic books and fighting crime in his spare time. 

    Favorite movie: Little Big Man 
    Favorite food: Salmon 
    Favorite sports team: Denver Broncos 

  • Mike Perdue
    Service Advisor

    Years in the industry: 21

    Years at Brandon Tomes Subaru: 5 
    Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption 
    Favorite food: Seafood 
    Favorite sports team: Texas Rangers 
    Hobbies and interests: Drag racing atv/utv 

  • Isaiah

  • Lindsay Lott
    Delivery Specialist

    Years in the industry: 2
    Years at Brandon Tomes Subaru: 7 months
    Favorite movie: The Last Five Years 
    Favorite food: Thai curry 
    Favorite sports team: Stars  
    Hobbies and interests: Horseback Riding 

  • Mike Goley
    Service Technician

    Years in the industry: 14 
    Years at Brandon Tomes Subaru: 1
    Favorite food: Pizza
    Favorite sports team: Texas Rangers 
    Hobbies and interests: R/C Cars and guns 

  • Steven Reynolds
    Subaru Certified Technician

    Years in the industry: 9
    Years at Brandon Tomes Subaru: 4
    Favorite movie: Terminator 
    Favorite food: Asian 
    Hobbies and interests: Cars, books, airsoft 

  • Erwin Chambers, Jr.
    Subaru Parts Manager

    Erwin has been in the auto industry for 17 years, 16 of those have been with the Tomes Auto Group. 

    A Ford technician for 15 years, he says he's a car enthusiast and loves being in the auto industry. He's been in the Parts Department at Brandon Tomes Subaru for two years. 

    Come say hi to Erwin in the Parts Department at Brandon Tomes Subaru today! 

    Years in the industry: 20
    Years at Brandon Tomes Subaru: 45
    Favorite movie: Tombstone
    Favorite food: Hamburgers 
    Favorite sports team: Aggies  
    Hobbies and interests: Fishing, Hunting

  • "Subaru Jim" Mason
    Subaru Certified Technician

    Jim has been part of the Brandon Tomes family for about four and a half years. 

    He and his wife have four children and one granddaughter. While Jim isn't working on Subaru vehicle, he enjoys traveling with his family. Come say hi to Jim today! 

    Years in the industry: 24
    Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction
    Favorite food: Boiled Crab 
    Favorite sports team: Dallas Cowboys 
    Hobbies and interests: Travel 

  • Brent Billue
    Certified Technician

    Years in the industry: 8
    Years at Brandon Tomes Subaru: 1.2
    Favorite movie: Lawless 
    Favorite food: Cadillac Pizza 
    Favorite sports team: Cubs & Colts 
    Hobbies and interests: Autocross, Golf, modding my car

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